About Us

We are a husband and wife team of potters operating out of the West of Ireland and we both have a great love for life & nature which has manifested itself in our love for all things bonsai and kusamono. All of the pottery you see listed on this website has been hand crafted by the two of us, more often than not we will both play our own special part in creating each unique bonsai pot and we are really proud of the end result of our mixed creativity.

We originally began our journey by making bonsai pots for our own bonsai tree’s and kusamono accent projects but it has taken on a life of its own and has become a passion in and of itself, one which we are only happy to share with the world. We would like our customers to know that the bonsai pots we put up for sale are bonsai pots we have made with love and care as if we were making them for ourselves.

We really love what we do and enjoy nothing more than when our customers share with us what they finally end up putting in one of our pots that they have purchased. In a silly kind of way we imagine its a bit like watching our kids get married and finally finding their place in the world, loved and appreciated and happy in their forever home so for anyone who wishes to do this we are so very appreciative.  We pray each day that God helps us make our pots even better and better. Everything we have we thank Him for and all the credit goes to Him as we can do nothing on our own! 

We are never too far away from our emails so if you have any questions or you would like to know more about us you can contact us at any time via the contact form here on our website or via our email which is helpdesk@kingdombonsai.com

We hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for dropping by.